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I’m Tlalit Raayoni Last, a Berlin based designer and artist

In my work process I like to play and experiment, let the materials and mechanisms manifest their natural behavior. I like to make room for chance, discoveries and mistakes that leads to surprising outcomes.

I was born in Jerusalem 1984 as Tlalit Segal Raayoni and got my bachelor’s degree as an industrial designer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Today I work with my husband Flux in our small studio in Kreuzberg. What do I actually do? I guess I deal with all that is visual. As the fields of art and design are so fluid, I find myself participate in quite diverse projects and move freely from the digital to the material. I developed the ability to quickly and independently learn new skills according to every project’s specific needs, improvise and find creative solutions. I also sometimes help other artists execute their ideas. Oh, and I’m also a mother!
Fun fact >> My given name, Tlalit (טללית), is the Hebrew word for Sundew, a curly carnivorous plant.

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