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Field Mattress – the work process

As I was responsible for the technical part of this project, I approached it as if the city of Moster was a human body and the “Filled Mattress” a costumed tailored dress.

First I designed the “look” while using photo samples of the fabrics we chose. Than I built a real size 3D cardboard model of the mattress, that will function as a “tailors-mannequin”. This allowed us to re-create the actual topographic landscape of Moster by placing the fabric pieces directly on the model and forming them in the right shape.

For information about the conceptual side of this project please visit Yoav’s website.


“fabric map” look – created with photo samples of the actual fabrics
topographic map printed in real mattress size
creating a cardbord 3D model acording to the topographic lines
3D model – duct tape wrap
printouts of the “fabric map” used as pattern for cutting the fabric pieces
placing fabric pices on the 3D model
placing fabric pices on the 3D model
Tlalit and Cupchik at work
yoav at work
filling the mattress with soft material
filling the mattress with soft material

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